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Connecting industry with Australia's academic community


What we do

  • Reimagine the way industry engages with academia, and vice versa
  • Create opportunities for diverse, un-(or under)-funded academic research through privately-funded grants, sponsors or partnerships

  • Provide a platform for unpublished academic research in order to re-evaluate its potential for commercial application


How we do

Minerva's Owl - Our Calibration Tool

  • Minerva's Owl is a calibration tool allowing industry, individuals, and government to connect with researchers and university academics from across Australia

  • Results are tailored to provide relevant connections and potential partners

  • Once Minerva's Owl has spotted a potential partner, the process of engagement begins

  • Relationships between business and academic are facilitated and supported through our Engagement Consultants



Relationship management

  • Successfully navigating the relationships between researchers and business is difficult – but it’s not impossible

  • It requires relationship managers with experience in both fields; people that understand both the drivers and values inherent to each party

  • We facilitate and nurture the relationship between academics and business, so that research integrity is maintained, and commercial outcomes are realised

  • Minerva provides short, mid, and long-term management of the relationship between the academic and their partner

Monitor and report

  • Use metrics to gain valuable insights into academics, their research experience and the potential commercial application of proposals
    • Publication - the number of publications that an academic has produced can be an indication of their experience and expertise

    • Active and passive patents - the number of patents attributed to the work of a researcher may indicate their strength as a commercially viable partner

    • Research history - can give a good indication of a researchers' previous experience in an area of study, and the applicability of their research to certain fields

    • Commercial experience - may be indicative of an ability to work pro-actively with industry


Transaction structures, negotiation and contracts

  • Minerva provides bespoke contract documentation and transaction structures for each relationship
  • This ensures research integrity, security of intellectual property, and the fostering of mutually beneficial commercial outcomes 

  • Issues of government policy and regulation are carefully considered throughout this drafting process, and constantly refined throughout the lifespan of the relationship

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Why we do

Australian universities are overflowing with talented researchers. Due to the current system of grants and funding allocation, many researchers and academics are unable to realise their projects. 

When researchers are given the opportunity to undertake research, the outcomes and innovations are often lost; poorly advertised and communicated to potentially interested partners in the private sector. 

Minerva is working to ensure that commercially-viable research and innovation is given the chance to be utilised by industry.